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Cleanse Information

Chomp Juice Cleanse is a great way to kick-start the body to naturally go into detox mode. As we live, eat, and breathe, we accumulate toxins throughout our body. With that being said, it is important to eliminate these toxins before they overwhelm.


We recommend you eating clean such as vegan food and drink lots of water. It is a good idea to eliminate coffee, alcohol, meat, refined sugar, wheat, bread and dairy. This way it does not shock the body and it will lead to a much easier and delightful cleanse.


The first thing we want you to do is take a deep breath and give your body a dose of a positive journey of cleansing. Start your morning with #1, move on to #2 in two hours. Continue drinking Bottles #1-6 every 2 hours and water in between. (At least 8 bottles of water)

If you do workout, Almond Mylk is a good source of protein. Go ahead and drink the Almond Mylk after your work out and continue right back to where you are left off.


While you are cleansing, you start to notice a change in your body. Your skin begins to glow bright, and your mood is shifting. Some things we recommend doing is yoga, stretching, and deep breathing. If you want to take it a step further, hot yoga is common or even stepping into a sauna and letting all the toxins release through your pores. Feeling a little tired, having a minor headache, and hunger is normal. These are just some of the typical bodily reactions to the cleansing process.

If you have a hard time sticking to the cleanse and would like to intake solid food, it is best to consume raw fruits and vegetables.


After cleansing your body has been working hard to get rid of toxins, you want to ease back into your daily life by introducing vegan foods. Also it is highly recommended to schedule your colonic. This will help you release a lot of toxins. Colonics are very effective and in helping many other symptoms.

Cleanse FAQ’s

We recommend juicing for three days. This is a good amount of time, giving your body enough time to truly rid your body of toxins. Pushing the cleansing days to five or even seven days will result in a more intense experience. As always, consult your health consultant or doctor with any health concern before doing a cleanse.
The human body has the ability to go without food for up to three weeks. Liquids, though, is something the human body cannot go without. With Chomp juices, you will get all the nutrients you will need throughout the day with our mix of green, fruit, and almond mylk drinks. You will feel hungry in the first day or two, but do not worry. This is normal. Your body is simply getting use to not having solid food. You are not starving your body, it is the misconception of an empty stomach to the belief that you are starving.
Our cleanse program does NOT contain any dairy or meat products and is completely GLUTEN-FREE. Drink away 🙂
There are a lot of people that are healthy enough to do a juice cleanse, but there are a few that cannot. Because of the extra calories and nutrients needed while nursing, we do not recommend doing a juice cleanse if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Ask your doctor to see if a juice cleanse will fit in your lifestyle.
You will be consuming approximately 1200 calories during the cleanse. You will be getting all the nutrients you will need for the day, but if you will be doing heavy exercising, we would gladly help you choose 1-2 more drinks.
The juices are raw and unpasteurized, so it is very important to keep them in a refrigerator or chilled at all times.
To ensure a smoother transition into a cleanse, we recommend cutting out meat, refined sugars, alcohol, processed food, bread, dairy, and excess sodium a day or two before starting a cleanse. Fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water will get your body ready!
Before reaching the feeling of “glow,” some people experience fatigue, moodiness, headaches, dizziness, hunger, and frequent desire to use the restroom. These are all completely normal! An extra hour or two of sleep and lots of water will make you feel more pleasant.
The definition of “Glow” while cleansing is exactly what it sounds like! That feeling where your skin seems brighter, your mind opens and operates at a faster speed, and you feel light as a kite! Your body will no longer have to work as hard to break down the toxins, clearing up energy to do what you enjoy.
Of course! Exercising helps with metabolism and will enhance the cleansing process. Just be sure to consume more protein from our almond mylk if you are doing any heavy lifting or long workouts.
Yes, your body has the capability to clean itself. But wouldn’t it be nice to give it a break? The best word to use would be “reset.” Cleansing gives your body a little bit of time to reset and start from scratch. This is a great starting point to restart your quest to a healthier lifestyle.
We strongly recommend sticking to the regimen of cold-pressed Chomp juices in the cleanse package, with a bottle of naturally flavored or plain purified water between each drink. It is difficult for some to stick to it. In that case, consume a kale salad WITHOUT dressing.
Your body has just gone through a health renewal. It would help to come out of this by slowly transitioning back to your usual diet. Eat soups, salads, smoothies, and fresh fruits and veggies the first couple days after the cleanse, and then you can incorporate the rest of your foods back into your diet.








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